Snack Chicken Feet
Classic Dog Snack Chicken Feet 250 g

Snack Chicken Feet

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Snack Chicken Feet

250 g

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Snack Chicken Feet

1 kg

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Classic Dog Snack Chicken Feet

Classic Dog Chicken feet are hearty and lean treats for any dog.

They're nutritious, especially easily digestible and therefore perfect as a snack in between meals. This hearty and lean delicacies are low in calories thus, recommended for older dogs.

The chicken feet are gently dried in a special process. Jerky is an ideal alternative to fresh cuts of meat from the butcher. It is equally nutritious with better storability and has a pleasant odor.

Classic Dog Chicken feet are 100% natural meat. No artificial colorants and preservatives

Chicken feet 100%.

Råprotein 62.1%
Råfett 25.8%
Fuktighet 7.3%
Råaske 4.8%

Give as a snack at any time of day, as part of a balanced diet.

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