Tetra ReptoFilter RF

ReptoFilter RF

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Filter tilterrarium

Tetra ReptoFilter RF

Powerful filter for aqua-terrariums.

  • The reliable ReptoFilter RF 250 provides clean and healthy water from efficient three-stage filtration that removes debris, discoloration and odours;
  • The filter is simple to set up and is extremely easy to clean by just replacing the cartridge;
  • The cartridge should be replaced every 2 - 4 weeks. There is no need to rinse the filter medium, so hands will be kept dry;
  • The efficient 2.5 Watt pump can filter up to 40 litres of water;
  • The small and compact size of the ReptoFilter RF 250 makes it simple to hide with a plant or other decorative objects;
  • It can be used in shallow-water environments to create waterfalls;
  • The lid keeps reptiles out of the filter chamber;
  • Optimum mechanical and chemical filtration, easy to replace: "EasyCrystal FilterPack C" filter cartridge. White side = coarse pre-filter, green side = fine filter;
  • Intensive biological filtration: Filter Foam "EasyCrystal Filter BioFoam";
  • High water flow: Powerful impeller;
  • 2 - year guarantee.

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