Ferplast Cage - Giulietta 5 Black 69x34,5x58 cm

Cage - Giulietta 5 Black

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Cage - Giulietta 4 Black

57x30x50 cm

835,80 kr*

Cage - Giulietta 5 Black

69x34,5x58 cm

1.058,60 kr*

Cage - Giulietta 6 Black

81x41x64 cm

1.307,54 kr*

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Ferplast Cage - Giulietta 5 Black

Giulietta is a bird cage with a basic, linear design, characterized by a structure with columns and frame made of robust wood. The wood is treated with a special non-toxic waterproof white paint, painted using \"flow coating\" processes for greater durability over time.

Medium or large-sized, Giulietta is suitable to welcome canaries or small exotic birds. It is also equipped with a deep wooden base with a removable plastic tray for easy and fast cleaning. The small front door has been designed for everyday maintenance operations.

Complete with necessary accessories, Giulietta is comfortable and ready to welcome your feathered friends at any moment: inside, you will find removable swivel feeders, a drinking bottle, a food clip for vegetables, as well as flexible plastic modular perches which gives you great freedom since you can create the shapes you prefer. The larger models Giulietta 5 and 6 have besides nice swings for playing.

In the Giulietta range of products, you will find different-sized habitats, all matchable to the suitable wooden stands. Giulietta 5 and 6, for example, are large habitats also suitable to home more birds together. All cages are built in robust varnished wire net and TREE FRIEND wood, coming only from responsibly managed forests only.

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