GranataPet W.A.S.Dry Adult - Duck 400 g, 2 kg, 10 kg

W.A.S.Dry Adult - Duck

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W.A.S.Dry Adult - Duck GranataPet 4260165181532

GranataPet W.A.S.Dry Adult - Duck

W.A.S. Dry Adult - Fish GranataPet 4260165184861

GranataPet W.A.S. Dry Adult - Fish

2. Vekt:
400 g
2. Vekt:
400 g 2 kg 10 kg
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51,68 kr*
129,2 kr* / Kg
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GranataPet W.A.S.Dry Adult - Duck

GranataPet Adult Duck is a deluxe high premium complete food for all full grown cats.

Naturally cats are predominantly predators and gourmets. As such they utilize good high-protein (poultry, duck, shrimps, fish) and adapted fatty (poultry fat, salmon oil) meal. Therefore, our dry food does not contain cereals. Due to the high premium duck meat content (animal protein) your cat is fed in a natural manner, and that promises a particularly digestible flavour experience. This meal is very well tolerated, particularly by diet-sensitive and choosy cats. The premium specific composition selectively supports the skin and coat that are regarded as a mirror of health.

The adapted energy/protein ratio yields many possible applications. Quite simply a real all-rounder.

Taurine, the important essential amino sulphonic acid, goes without saying in to our dry food.

Duck meat (44%, dried and finely ground), potato flakes, poultry fat, pomegranate seeds (5%), salmon oil (1.5%), brewer’s yeast, whole beet pulp (sugar extracted), whole egg powder, carbonate feeding lime, lignocellulose, F.O.S. (fructoogligosaccarides), New Zealand green-lipped mussel (finely ground, naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin), yucca schidigera

Råprotein 31%
Råfett 19%
Råaske 6.8%
Råfiber 4%
Kalsium 1.2%
Fosfor 0.95%
Magnesium 0.07%

Current weight Daily requirement
2 - 3 kg 35-50 g
3 - 4 kg 50-65 g
4 - 6 kg 65-80 g
6 - 8 kg 80-100 g
8 - 10 kg 100-115 g

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