Nature Snack Berries
Versele Laga Nature Snack Berries  85 g
Versele Laga Nature Snack Berries  85 g
Nature Snack Berries 85 g av Versele Laga EAN 5410340614341

Nature Snack Berries

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Nature Snack Berries Versele Laga 5410340614341

Versele Laga Nature Snack Berries

Nature Snack Fruities Versele Laga 5410340614358

Versele Laga Nature Snack Fruities

Nature Snack Proteins Versele Laga 5410340614372

Versele Laga Nature Snack Proteins

Nature Snack Nutties Versele Laga 5410340614365

Versele Laga Nature Snack Nutties

Nature Snack Veggies Versele Laga 5410340614334

Versele Laga Nature Snack Veggies

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85 g
2. Vekt:
85 g
2. Vekt:
85 g
2. Vekt:
85 g
2. Vekt:
85 g
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Versele Laga Nature Snack Berries

Our fluffy friends need a varied, nutritious diet to stay healthy, playful and lively. So Nature provides your animal with highly varied berry mix.

  • A delicious natural mixture including grapes, rosehips, juniper berries, ash berries and cranberries
  • Very tasty composition for a good intake and smooth digestion
  • Ideal snack for rabbits, herbivorous and omnivorous rodents
  • Includes Yucca that binds ammonium and other volatile components that cause the smell of the stool. In this way, the unpleasant odours caused by your animal's droppings are greatly reduced
  • With added MOS and FOS to ensure that your animal is kept healthy with a bowel function that is as good as possible
  • Algae are a natural source of minerals, trace elements and amino acids, and an excellent support to your animal's bodily functions

Fruit (juniper berry 7.5%, rowan berry 7%, rosehip 5.7%), derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables, seeds, nuts, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, FOS, calendula, MOS, algae, yucca

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 6100 IU, vitamin D3 740 IU, vitamin E 50 mg, vitamin C 130 mg, 3b103 (iron) 61 mg, 3b202 (iodine) 1 mg, E4 (copper) 6 mg, 3b502 (manganese) 46 mg, 3b603 (zinc) 43 mg, E8 (selenium) 0.12 mg.

Technological Additives: Antioxidants.

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